Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let Our Love Be Our Great Work Here In Our Lives


Hello how are you all doing? I hope everything is good for you all? This week went really well for us it was a great week for us , our investigador who was smoking was baptised yesterday. So it went really well..

Well we just got news that my companion is leaving to parana , i am getting a new compa, tomorrow , his name is elder Reyes, i believe he is from chile, so we will see...who knows maybe he will be my last companion for my mission who knows.
So everything is going to go good i hope lol

Other then that this week has been a normal i must say , then the rest lol , we were just helping our inv. Get to his baptism, and he made it lol ;) this week is going to be different and all with a new companion will see how it goes..

I am glad to see that you all are going to utah this week i hope you the best in travel , i know you will be fine in the travel. Hopefully all the lil kids like it lol tell everyone hey and hello for me if you all can it would be a great help.. i hope that dad can find a job soon to help him not be so down , i ll be keeping him in my prayers, is there any thing else i should pray for.

I hope this week goes good for you all and everything. I am sure we will be fine down here , no need to worry about me down here .. i love you all , to the depths of my heart, and soul.

(...y ahora permanece la fe, la esperanza y el amor, estos tres; pero el mayor de ellos es el amor...1 cor. 13:13..)

i must say let our love be our great work here in are lives , so that we can show are faith through are love to are god and his son, and to others... through service etc... this is are true purpose in life to love are god and all of are neighbors. It is the biggest law of them all. I must say this is the purpose of are live to love the one that created us in the start.

Family and friends i love you all i am going to try and finish this mission of to my lord off very strong. If there is any thing you all need let me know of how i may be of any help to you all as my family. So let my love be with you all..

I am short on time but thank you mom for sending the money i ll use it wisely . i love you all , take care and enjoy your trip , to Utah, tell every one high for me...

Ill be praying for you all

Elder Jessup

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Lord is Really Working Miracles in My Mission


Everything is going good for us down here in Argentina i must say. This past week went pretty well i must say , we had a lil bit of everything i must say the work is still progressing. I must say that i am doing good and all.

I must say that this week our inv. Stopped smokinng , which is way good i must say , but the thing is he using the pipe and its helping him not buy cigs.. but we are still fighting with him on that he is due to be baptised this coming week end on the 18 so hopeful he can make it to that date. So hopefully he can make it i am pretty sure that he will i must say . so we are in constant contact with him and trying to help him out all the time i must say.

As far as the flu thing its going on still down here it looks like its dying down a lil too or at least i hope so. None of us are sick in any way , we are all doing good , but the weather has been way cold i must say , way cold nothing like summer weather over there. Must say though the cold weather will pass though i must say...with time..

I MUST SAY THAT IT S SO CRAZY THAT THE LIL GUYS ARE ALL TALKING NOW ITS GOING TO BE SO WEIRD WHEN I GET BACK HOME I MUST SAY AND HERE THEM TALKING . sorry about the big letters.. its just some thing i am going to have to get used to i must say when i get back home lol. So what you going to do right lol

I must say tha this next coming week is already the end of the transfer i must say the time has flown by in the past couple of trasnfers . i must say that i am really y trying to gt the best out of my mission right now i must say. I just want to give it all to the lord my good..

I AM going to keep you all in my prayer especial dad so that he can get a good work going , i must say i have heard that this crirsis is bad but i still dont know how bad it is , is it really that bad that everyone seems to say it is? I hope that its not to bad ..

Family i must say that i am doing fin e there is no needd to worry for me down here i am all good i must say... lol this work is helping me a lot find parts of me that i did not know where inside of me i must say. The lord is really workng miracules in my mission i must say . i love this great and wonderful work of the lord i must say theere is nothing like it at alll. Its such a great time in my life to be here doing this great cause for my Lord in his time of my life.

Family i love you all to the depths of my heart and soul. Mom where you ever able to send the money ? in the letter? Also this next p day is going to be this next tuesday for trasnfers i must say just to let you all know...i love you all hugs and kisses to you all

The youngest
Elder Clayton R. Jessup

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Fast Time Goes

Family ,

I am glad to see that everything is going well for you all back home. I must say this week went pretty good for us I must say its great. The week was way good I must say . our investigator is dropping in cig. Por day we are way excited for him I must say. So that s big news down here as well..

Well this week we had a lot of things going on in area area, the big thing that is going on in this part of the world is the grepe A that all the people are scared of down here I must say there has been a total of 10 deaths here in rosario I believe , and everyone is going crazy in every matter. I must say we are protecting ourselves in all matters but the people are just scared period. So that is the big news down here on that matter. So I am pretty sure you all have heard about it I must say. So yeah….

Well to say the truth mom the video that you all did was pretty funny I must say , good job. It was quite funny I must say. O thanks for sending me the money I must say hopefully I get it soon. So I know I ll use it wisely down here . so don’t worry about that lol . thanks a lot though mom seriously…

It was a normal week I must say we had a great inv. Go to church this past week , for his second time., he is omar he needs to get married but he I s slowly progressing in this gospel , they are due to get married in dec. but we want to try to get the before that date I must say , but it’s a ll matter of patience.. in the work…

(…..y ahora bien , amados hermanos mios , quisira exhortaros a que tngas paciencia ,y que sorporteis toda clase de aflicciones ; que no viturpereis a aquello os desechana causa de veuestra suma probeza , no sea que llegueis a ser pecadores como ellos….alma..34: 40…)

so i must sat the patence is a huge key in are lives and in the daily things that we do. I must say this one thing that I have come to know in this great work that am doing day after day, the lord truly has blessed me with this great gift I must say.

Family I know that this is true and that the lord does want us to create his attributes in us these days, they all are golden things to have in theses days….

Sorry this letter is so short , but there was nothing huge this week that happened I must say. Lol i love you all , I know you all are being taken care of over there, I love you all to death, I miss you all , have a great week in the states enjoy the summer cuz here its pretty cold I must say lol ….. I know the week will go by fast lol …from the depths of my heart…

From the youngest..

Besos y brazoooo con cariño…..
Elder Jessup

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Hello what a very interesting morning i must say , the lord totally though me off on this very day of transfers i must say i am leaving my area , i was Orly here for one transfer , i leaving my position and going back down to district leader , in the area of Azenenaga , in rosario osete.. my new companion is Elder Rivera.. a latin but I have no idea where from…

I must say I did not get any letter from you this week family ,but its fine no worries the week went really well we gave some people some fechas to be baptized in the area , I m just kinda sad that I am not going to see theses people get into the water, they are really good people I must say..a really good family.. o well the lord wants me some where else in this mission , I am just going to serve him with everything that I got I must say. So sometimes the Lord just has different things for us planned out in our lives. I must say it s a crazy thing…

So mom I must say that everything went really good I must say . the mission is good I am a lil shocked with the whole new change , it totally through me off guard I must say . but I am still enjoying it , the lord has other people for me to teach and find hear in his areas . I must say that the Gospel never changes but the people we teach it to does. I must say that I know the Lord has something good for me planed in the area of Azcuénaga .

I must say that the mission has totally thrown me off but I must say that's the way it is the lord has his own will and its that one that counts I must say. Not the will of men. There is a huge part of me that does not believe this lol . I kinda shocked …

O well just got to do what the lord ask us to do. I must say though this past transfer was a great one the lord made me feel like I never have before in my life , I must say that he knew what he was doing that whole time I must say.. he helped me grow a lot in this short time of 6 weeks here in arroyito , the lord know s his stuff , in his great work.
I must say that I never doubt his calling for me I this will of his work . I must say that it is what he wants us to do and only he knows this purpose…..

(…diciendo : padre ,si quieres ,pas de mi esta copa ; pero no se haga mi voluntad, sino la tuya …..Lucas 22: 42..)

We al know that it is the will of the father that counts i must say as this story goes on we all know it and how it ends, let us use this as a example to keep doing the will of the father in are daily lives each and everyday. I must say even if its not what we wt to do I must say. The lord always knows whats best for us in are own lifes..

Family I love you tons I always will I must say.. there is also another change in the mission , that next week p day is changing to the day of Wednesday, from this coming week and fro the rest of my mission… transfers were the reson why ia m writing a lil bit latter then normal. I must say sorry that I did not tell you all last week…

I love you all tell next week , Wednesday, lil long but its fie we will make it , so mom last question were you going to put money in a western Union…. Or not….just let me know love you all if there is ever anything you all need just let me know , ui am always willing to help..

The Youngest of the bunch..
Elder Clayton Reed Jessup

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transfers, Zone Leader


Thanks mom for sending me the package ,last week , hopefully I'll get it when i go to misión conference. That’s right mission conference.. there has been a change in my mission now, we had transfers,I just got the news today… I am leaving Salto, and my Companion ELDER Machuca who I got along with so well. I am leaving to Rosario again the lord wants me there, but not just as a district leader , but as a Zone Leader I moved up ,its where the Lord wants me.. my new companion is Elder Gygi , I don’t know any thing about him ,I'll be telling you more next week.

So I must say the Lord wants me somewhere else to be working. I know there is nothing I can't do with out him. He will help me in this new calling as a Zone Leader .. to help the zone . One thing that I have come to learn in the mission is that I am always number 3. My Lord is number 1, the Others are number 2, then it is I Elder Jessup as 3. I know that I am going to try and do everything for that zone of Rosario Norte.. I trust in my dear Lord. I must say I do feel a a little scared about the whole going up, but I like the advice of dad and I am going to put that as a goal for my last 6-5 months of the mission. I shall follow the words of my father..

I also liked the advice of Bro. Albab, the 3 things each have a great purpose and I am sure that they will help me out as the Lords missionary. So I must say I am feeling the load of becoming a even higher leader in the mission. One thing that I know is it's where the Lord wants me , and I will obey, as Nephi said….

(…For what I seal on earth ,shall be brought against you at the judgment bar; for thus hath the Lord commanded me, and I must obey, Amen…2 Nephi 33: 15..)

Well family the week for us did not go all that bad at all. We had a very good week a lot of knocking , and getting in a couple of doors. I must say the week went by fast,to tell the truth. We also had a ward activity in Salto, but very few people showed up to say the truth, but the night and the activity went very well , we taught the Atonement. Then later in the night we watched the Testaments, went all in all very well. I must say that I feel quite well leaving this area of Salto. I leave it in good hands and I completed a lot of the work that we needed to do here in Salto.. the time went well in the ways of the lord. I feel that he is happy with the work that I did for him here.

Family I want to thank you all for your great help, and support in my time as a missionary, cuz I know with out you I wouldn’t be here. And my be would not be here , I want to thank you all for what you have done for me , in serving me and supporting me , in my life and mission. I love you all thank you so much..

Thank you hugs and kisses to all..

From the Younger
Elder Jessup

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Conference


How are you all doing? Its so glad to hear from you all. I must say this week went well i must say. The Orly thing is that we are still trying to find people , is are main struggle down here in Salto. The conference was just Amazing i must say. The message i think that all the missionaries liked was that by Packer , in the last session. I must say it hit home for us , not just us but to those all over the World.

I must say the joy to hear the servants of the lord was a honor , for the lord is using them to speak to his children in these latter days, that we are in. I must say it was a great week end i must say ,just to hear the servants of the Lord our God. I must say it is a thing of great peace to are souls..

As far as the card mom if you can send it this week Express mail, it would be great , so that i can get it on the 16 of april for zone conference , but you have to send it Fast so that i can get it by that date, sooo please send soon.. so please.. i FORGOT TO TELL YOU that yes i did get the packages and the Money, please make sure to tell Lupe thank you for the ties and that i love them and m using them well. I must say it was a great pleaser to open those boxes …thank you tons from the soul..

Its good to hear that everyone is doing well, from cliff to Sheldon, to Mom and Dad. Its a joy to ones soul , i must say , even great to hear that tia is doing better , that is a big worry, to one tell her i miss that great food that she cooked , so much better then the food down hear lol.. and that i love her.. and that i miss her…

I must say that i am doing really well, i am just a lil scared cuz this week i hit 1 year and 6 months in the mission , i am getting really old Fast, its crazy i must say, i just want to do all that i can for the lord in this time that i have left…( brother any tips will be highly favored..) thank you , just to help me focus on the work on some mind just start thinking about alter the mission sometimes and i don't like it . so any tips will be a great help.. so please …tips

I must say i doing pretty good health wise i am just fighting with a lil runny nose and a lil cough, which always happens to me when the climate starts to change down here , w are now in fall…how crazy..but i love it…and i have been really good on my workouts cuz i am at the time of the mission now…( 6 months to sexy..) as its own around the missions. But i have Only seen one elder do it… i have faith and hope that i will be number 2 lol So thats really how the life is going on in the mission , a lot of f work and working out . but its all for the Great plan of are lord, and his great purpose, so thats why i am pretty much a happy lil kid in the work of the lord. To tell you the truth i got my comp. So tried today in the morning , cuz wants to drop weight .. lol so he asked for me help….and i am helping..

(…Awake, awake, put on thy strength, o Zion; put on n thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem,the holy city; for henceforth there shall no more come into the the uncircumcised the unclean…2 Nephi 8: 24..)

Family i love you all , i wish you the best in everything that you all do in the future , and i this week , that the spirit of the lord shall be with you and guide you and Protect you in what life commands. I love you all to the depths of my soul….my god Speedy with you..

The younger
Elder Clayton R. Jessup

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hello how are you all? I am glad to see that everything is going well for you all over there in your neck of the woods..I must say that this transfer went by pretty fast, and so did the week. This week a lot of stuff ended up happening with us from my comp being sick , all the way down to transfers, just all types stuff.. My compa, had to go to Rosario cuz he was sick from the throat, and he had to see the doctor for a real bad sore throat, so while he was in Rosario I was in Pergamino, with some elders from my district, working. Also this week we got the news for transfers, and it turns out he is going to be leaving to Rosario to the office and I am going to be getting a Latin named Machuca , I have no idea where he is from , or anything.. I think form Chile or Peru.. but no idea..

So I must say that this week it was a lot a lot that was going on but in the end it turned out pretty well I must say. I did get the chance to help out a Hermana with her bike this week which was really cool , and helped me realize how much I miss my bikes lol , How are they? Being taken care off I hope..:) Also I read a unreal amazing great book that Elder Kite let me barrow , its called “ As a Man Thinketh” also “ As a Man Thinketh Volume 2” by James Allen the both, family I must tell you I have never come to realize the great and grand influence , and cause that thoughts have on are lives, I highly recommend to find and read this books to the whole family you all will love them. The author is not a member but everything that he says in the books goes perfectly in line with what the church teaches..My mind utterly changed the way of thinking sense then . They are 2 must reads for you all..Must do…

This past week we did have a great turn out at church it was so great, we had a total of 3 women come into church Sunday. I must say the whole barrio was just amazed it was quite interesting, they all started to get excited and wanting to help I must say ,it was a great sight I must say… they are investigators that we found in the start of the transfer , but they came to church and they loved it , but as you can see its just a matter of having patience I must say here. They will come it just takes sometime I must say. So I must say we may just become the planters right now , but they will grow into great fruits I know it and I can see it in are people… so lil bylil the great things will come to pass ..

Well family I am sending some photos from a activity that we had while my comp was in ROSARIO and I in Pergamino. The game that we had was a ring toss, the name of the game was El anillo volante, just through rings on to some bottles, then you win stuff really simple and it turned out to be a great hit with everyone I must say…

I love you all I wish you the best in everything ,I love you all to death. I am glad that you all are there for me, if there is anything you all need just let me know ok, I love you all enjoy the pics, I love you all and always care for you all…

The Younger

Elder Jessup

Monday, March 16, 2009

hey mom here is a lil photo so you all can have .. sorry that its been so long since i have sent a photo, i'll send more next week .. ok .. i can't believe how fast the time is going i am already going on to a year and five how fast and scary.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Fruits Have Come Forth


How is everything going for you all? I must say that everything is really well in the mission, we just had a baptism this past week , which I must say was a great experiences for me. Also the ward is doing really well I must say. I must tell you mom that there is no need to worry about the food hear I am eating so much with the members that we are doing quite well lol, probably on of my best areas for lunch wise lol. So mom no need to worry there lol . its so crazy to hear what is going on in mexico right now I had no idea it has gotten to be so bad over there. It sounds really intense I must say. But I know if we trust in the lord he will trust in us and help us in are times of need and protection. So mom just keep strong to that faith that you have ok. I am glad to hear that dad is a normal level and working hard at the ranch. Tell him to keep it up and that I ll be helping him when I get back, tell him I am starting to miss that hard ranch work to tell you the truth I really never thought I would say a phrase as that , but sometimes life is full of

As of the ward that I am in its doing really good I must say , the bishop is a great man , his name is Obispo Scalea Last name from italy , but he is just a man that you can look at his face and just see that he is a man that is doing everything for his young big family, I must say I have a true respect for this man. He is a trucker so he is always on the road , a busy busy man..
The rest of the ward is just great I must say, but about two or so weeks ago we had are mission leader leave on us a and move to Buenos Aires, and he also took the president of the relief society to which is his wife, so we are with out a mission leader now, but we will do fine we trust highly in are lord. So that’s really how the ward is, small but really good I must say.

But I am going to tell you about the baptism that we had tis past week.. ok so when we go to start filling up the pelta, with water I was sitting there fighting the water heater for about 1 hour trying to get the darn pilot light to stay on and it never did, so we ended up filling the pelta with cold water, we thought it would be fine it was a hot day.. lol so when it came time for the baptism I was the frist one to walk into the water I was going to guide Jesus into the water, the boy did not want to go in g the water was that cold.. so I talked him into it and he finally ended up getting into it with me. When I was helping get into position , and about to start the prayer I paused before I started, as I began to start the prayer I immediately began to feel the water around us both become to feel very warm I must say I have never felt such a thing in my life it was utterly amazing I must say.. so I know the lord was happy with what we have been doing the past couple of weeks, as we have worked , in that moment I knew that the lord was pleased with our labor as a companionship.. I must say the water became warm cuz of the spirit of the lord that gave us that great feeling. I never have had such a great experience in my mission like that..

So I must say this week was a great week but now we are back at the start , we got to start from starch a gain , I trust in the lord he will help us find his chosen children in this area. Let are faith be with in him and let his spirit guide us and radiate from us in his great and holy work.. its such a great feeling to be in this great cause.

Family I love you all I just wanted to tell that the week was good and that we got to see a great fruit at the end of the week. So family I love you all o so much , I know that you all are praying for me as I for you , let the lord guide us together in are lives .. I love you all to the depths of my heart..

Keep strong in this great faith , of which the Lord has so graciously given us , in our lives. Let us give thanks to on high for his great works in are lives..

From the Youngest
Elder Jessup

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks Fam...Big 21 Doesn't Feel Like It


How are you all , thanks for the Birthday letter.. its was a really good week i must say, it was a hot week but a good one i might say. I did not get the birthday Packaged that you dent me mom i going to have to wait a while for it tell the next zone conference, which i 'don't know when it is.. so thats the news on that..but ether way we still had a good birth day i must say. the truth on how we spent are b day , was working are butts-off, i have never got home from a day of work so tired i know that it was the way the lord wanted us to spend are Birthday. I must say i was a rough day for us lol but a good one at that.. but it was all good i must say..

The week for us went really good we were preparing a kid to be baptized , for this week , his name is jesus, he is 9 years old, and he should be getting baptised this Saturday, so we are way excited, for the lil guy. I must say he is a good kid . so that is something new that is going on with us down here in salto.. everything is way tranquilo as everyone says down here. I must say that there is a another thing that they changed this past week, that was that they changed are horario of the mission.. 6:30 to 10.30 cuz before we were 7-11 in are days , and now they want us working outsider Turing the sesta, unlike before were we were in the pinch. Studying.. so thats a lil bit of a change i must say for us now. So i must say family that everything is going darn well in the mission..

Mom about your question on how is my love for the people , i must say its exploding out of control, i have so much love for theses people that i serving, its un real, Orly the lords Could have given me so much love for all theses people. The lord has helped me come with a love so pure for all theses people, i must say.. i truly do enjoy it…

That s crazy to here that the doc for tila lila is from argentina.. that is so cool you all are going to be hearing that Accent when i get back to the house , so be excited lol . i must say it throws people of at frist when they frist hear it.. but i love the Accent of the people, the sh…lol do yeah you all should find out where he is from.. it will be cool…

I must say i glad to see that everything is going good for her with the health issue, i glad to see her getting better, each week , mom you should tell her hi for me also to the rest f the family, tell them all hi and give them a huge for me.. i must say i miss all the family at times its crazy but i just got to keep moving on and keep working for the lord.
The lord wants me here and i shall do his great work for him..

I love you all family i miss you tons just like i am sure that you all miss me, i just want to tell you all that i love you tons and that i pray for you all everyday. I know that the lord is protecting you all each and every day while i am on n the mission, here in argentina.

I love you all keep strong in thy faith i love you tell next Pday..

The youngest

Elder Jessup..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Address Change

Just to let everyone know, Elder Jessup's Address has changed. It is listed to the left. Thank you.

It Does Not Really Matter How Hard Times Are...


How is everything going? This week was a great week , every night we got home just straight dead tired. We have been working really hard all week long to see the fruits of the labors, we had one investigator in church , a kid that we are teaching named Jesus, so we had Jesus in church this past week! lol. But I must truly say I am starting to truly like this barrio and this town of which I am in, its more like a lil city, but its so laid back and mellow…..I want to live here , now thats just shooting for the moon…lol

I must say that the mission is really going pretty good over here in the city of Salto, Argentina.. my comp, and I are doing really well , he's a good guy.. we are really getting along together.. the crazy thing that I still can't get over is that he and I have the same birth day, the 27 of Feb..I almost wonder if that's why the president put us together???..I must say its really crazy…lol

What is really so crazy is that this area is extremely peaceful, I have never seen a area so laid back especially coming from a area as busy as Santa Fe , the capital.. everything was so fast there compared to here… it's a whole different World compared to the big two cities I was previously in. So its nothing like those cities…but its a great place…the work is a lil bit hard but its fine I cuz I know that the Lord has children here in this area of His…for the Lord knows the children that he wants in church , we just got to be bold enough and invite them unto the Lord.. so I must say we just got to put are shoulder to the Wheel and Start pushing Right?

(….Digo pues ,por la gracias que me es dada,a cada cual que esta entre vosotros, que no tenga mas alto concepto de si que debe tener, sino que piense de si con cordura, conforme a la medida de fe que dios repartio a cada uno….Romanos..12:3..)

So I must tell you all, family that it does not really matter how hard the times are in are lives, as long as we have the faith to get us through our up and down points of life , cuz we know He will always be there working for us in life. For life is a tough thing and this is coming from your lil brother , I know that you all have more experience but I just thought I would say just keep going strong in the faith that our great parents taught us sense we have been young..

Family I know that we will all pull through these times that we are facing us, and we will grow like the Lord wants us to, only the Lord knows how we will grow as he tests our faith in Him…

Family I love you so much its so hard to write I wish I could go give you a hug right now each one of you….I love you all so much..thank you for everything..that you have done..

MOM MY card s data is 02/09 is all that I can remember, but I'm pretty sure thats all it says on it…. I will double check on that for you but thank you for the birthday package… I love you all
From the Younger

Elder Clayton Reed Jessup…

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a Whole Different World


Hey how is everything going back at home? Everything going good back home i hope so .. i must say this new area of mine is totally different from what i am used to i must say. It feels like i am outsider of the mission. Its a whole different World i must

My new comp is a cool guy he is from Orlando Florida, his name Is elder Kite , his dad i a x NBA player , Greg Kite… how crazy is that… he is the frist one to head out of his family , and the third of 10 kids.. Big family.. i must say he is a really good kid , its really pretty crazy that him and i have the same Birth day… thats rite the same Birth day , i think thats why the president put us together lol… but he turns 20 and i will be hitting 21…i am soooo old lol..

But as of now we are doing really good together i must say.. the Orly thing id that the area is a lil hard hearted i must say.. Its a place called Salto , it s a town of about 40 thousand people , pretty big for 2 elders.. nut the good thing is that its not as hot ass Santa Fe is , its at the very south of the mission , in the Provence of Buenos Aires.. so now i can say i have been in all 3 provinces of the mission. .. but all in all it a good area. The lord wants me here for a reason i must go forth and carry out his great work.. in this area…i know i must keep the purpose in my heart..

(….este , cuando llego ,y vio la gracia de dios ,se regocio ,y exhorto a todos a que con proposito de corazon permanecisen fieles al Señor…Hechos 11: 23…)

So as long as i keep up the right attitude it should be fine i must say the lord puts in areas to test us a to make us grow in the mission and i i hope the new area has the people Ready to hear the gospel of the lord cuz i am going to bring it to them…lol

But i know with the help of the lord that my companion and i are going to be able to find the people in the area of Salto.. elder kite and i are going to do good i can fell it , for the transfer , here.. i know that his a good guy and he did not like his last comp. So i am going to try and do everything for the better of the companionship… so that s what i am going to be doing as the senior comp…

Family i love you all, have a great week, i wish you all the best in work , health, etc.. i love you all , i know though that the lord is looking out over you all . have a great rest of the week … i love you all …

Love you all , tell next week …..

Love the younger

Elder Jessup

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bye O Great Land of Pompeya


Well hello how are you all doing i am so glad that everything is going well at home. This week was a better week i must say. We had a total of 3 investigators, in church, which was really relieving and good i must say. We did get the transfers and i am leaving i am going down to Pergamino in the south of the mission, its in the third province of the mission, so now i can say i have served in all the provinces of the mission. Entre Rios , Santa Fe , and now Buenos Aires… how crazy i must say.. so i Hill be getting a new companion, his named elder Tite , no idea who he is. Also my companion is getting a new comp named elder Leal, a latin so he is going to jump right into spanish now he will do fine… i positive.

I must say i am pretty sad that i am going to be leaving Santa Fe , i really wanted to stay here in this area.. this is the first time i have ever felt the pain of leaving so strong in one area, i truly loved this area, of Pompeya. I am going to miss the members of the area to the hot hot sun burning down on us each and everyday . the whole vibe of Santa Fe is a amazing and i love it. The whole thing i must say is going to be a sad depart from here….. i know its going to be tough and that the lord will help us get through it and help the members that we leave behind and recent converts… i know the lord will take care of this very area…

(…. El que ama su vida, la perdera; y el que aborrece su vida en este mundo, para vida eterna la guardara.. si alguno me sirve, sigame; y donde yo estuviere, alli tambien estara mi servidor. Si alguno me sirviere, mi padre le honrara….Juan 12: 25-26..)

I must leave to serve the lord and for i am after all in his great work. I know he knows what is best for me a parents to a child , so i must say that i will do his will. For i am in the great work of his i and i know that he has people waiting for me there, and that i must help them there, as we move forward in this work..

As of my birth day i truly don't know of anything that i World need or want… wait i just lied i World like more ties and socks…. Yeah for sure thats it… .. that is all i ask i must say..

Well family i love you all thank you for everything that you all have done for me in this work and in this , life , i truly do thank you from the depths of my Heart. I love you all in your own ways. I know that this is the great work of the lord that i am a fisher of man in this very moment and that i love this very time … thank you all..

Tell next Play…

I love you all from the Youngest

Elder Clayton R. Jessup

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Power of a Journal

Hello how are you all doing.. i glad to here that everyone had a good week.. but a hard week i must say we had a rouge spot in the mission or in this area. This week not one of our investigators showed up to church today , it was a huge bust i must say.. so it was a lil bit of f a down fall i must say to see not one person showed up.
So i must say this week me and my comp are going to work even harder so that we don't have to fell like that in church again…

I must say the people that we have almost feel as if they stopped progressing in the work or in the teachings i must say , we are trying to work more and more with some of the members but it doe not seem. To go anywhere. Like the work is like at a stand still. I must say its frustrating for the both of us.. The store of the past are just making things really hard for the work to progress. I must say there are a lot of rumors going on inside of the barrio, and contention , its making work really hard but we are going to do the best that week can… while we are here. I must say i really hope i stay here even longer so that we can start to gain more confidence of the members in are barrio. In this coming week we have transfers on the 2nd of Feb. So i could be spending it some where else, but i love this area so much i really want to stay here in Santa Fe, in Pompeya….i just love the people i must say in this area and in these city.. brain storm happing in the moment, just like book of Mormon….

…….Y acontecio que después que hubo recibido su mensaje del angel del señor , alma se volvio prestamente a la tierra de Ammoniah. Y entro en la ciudad por otro camino ; si por el que queda al sur de la ciudad de Ammoniah…. Alma 8: 18

The reason i have chosen that scripture is that alma goes to the city two times to preach the gospel, so that the people can here the Word. Me elder jessup I'm n my second time in santa Fe , but not just in the city but in the same zone of Norte, the lord really wants me here for a reason i must complete , al this just hit me right now i must say i love it , WHEN THAT HAPPENS… the lord wants me to do the best of what i can while i am here…

Family thank you for everything of which you all have done for me . I love you all i must say you are all a big part of the motivation to get out of the bed some days, i just think of all the blessings that we have received , in the family and i know that there are people waiting for these same blessing as us as a family have received, here in argentina…. So i get out of bed to g go to the streets to help theses children of the Lord that are waiting for him…

Family i got good news.. i am now starting my Third journal of my mission , the one you all sent me for christmas, i wrote the first entry today, i must say the love i have truly found for a journal is utterly amazing. Just the staff i come to know as i write on those blank papers my mind just goes to everything that happened to me and how i saw that lord in my life on that very day. The beauty of a journal is being able to look in your past and come to realize everything you learned , as you went through trials , or just great experiences in life , not only that but future generations will be able be touched by your own entry, if you all don't have a journal my family , i recommend go getting one , it really is a great thing in life to see of ones self… i know that the prophets have told us to have one for a very reason…… i stand as a testimony to journals, a great work in ones life. I tell you at first it does not seem. To go any where , but it does in the long run.. I tell you family i have never come to realize so much staff in my life tell i wrote i ton to see Blank pieces of paper, in my journals… its a record of are life for the future to read and learn.. just as the scriptures are to us from 1000 plus years ago today… i love keeping a up to date journal one of the better things i have done in my life …. Thanks dad for buying my very frist one , the big red one , and thanks to cliff for letting me see your very own mission journals , to motivate your younger brother…

I just wanted to share something that has helped me grow so much in my mission. I did not think that blank papers would end up being the answers to so many questions that i once had in my life. I tell you all that it has helped me learn and grow all at once in those simple min. of time each and every day. I ask you all a very simple question to end:
Have you written in your journal today?

I love you all take care ill be talking to you on the day of Tuesday of next week cuz of transfers…. Hope and pray for the best…

I love YOU all from the Youngest

Elder Jessup

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Must All Be of Good Cheer No Matter What

How are you all doing up there in El Paso Texas..? it sounds like everything is going good in life.. I am glad to see that the ward enjoyed the cabin in new Mexico . The snow sounds like a never-land down here . its been sooooo hot the past week here, right now we are in the hottest time of the year.. January and February.. I'm extremely excited for the heat that is coming up lol

… This week was a hard week in the Lords work, it was just one of those weeks in the Lord work. We worked and worked , but we really did not see the fruits of our work, we a had very little attendance in church , but it just went to show us who truly are the investigators that are willing to change.. I must say that we lost a lot of them that were "progamados" or people who have accepted a date to be baptised. Due to one being juntos with a girl and having two kids, and not married. Then another one due to the fact that its her 15th BD on the 23 , so we may have to wait another week for her on that matter. It was just a tuff week in the labor of the Lord I must say. This week we are going to have to work at full speed, or work extremely hard to find some new people to teach. So if you all can remember to keep us in your prayers we would, be very grateful .. Don't you all worry I still keep you in my prayers every night . I must say the work is hard but we must all be of good cheer no matter what.. Mom you would be proud of me, I am now using a rubber band and my wrist to help me to think positive, and you flick it every-time a negative thought gets in your head. And its really funny cuz everyone in the ward is asking me if i am trying to cut the blood to my arm, then I tell them what its for and they love the whole idea of it, so maybe in a couple of weeks I'll see the youth with rubber bands all around .. lol all from a lil thing that you sent me so long a go…… thanks Mom…;)

(…..Por tanto , muy queridos hermanos ,hagamos con buen animo cuanta cosa este a nuestro alcance; y entonces podremos permanecer tranquilos, con la mas completa seguridad , para ver la salvacion de Dios y que se revele su brazo….D y C 123: 17..)I must say its a great scripture that the Lord gave to us for these days.. I know with all my Heart that this is how the lord wants his servants and all his children, to be of good cheer… in are lives before we see him again.. this is the truth.. Family i love you sooooooooo much. You know how everyone says that you come to know what you have , only until you are out of their presence . I must say it has happen to me in the mission, i have come to know exactly how great my beloved family really is and how much they truly do care for me all in this short time. I must say family that I do love you all in many different ways , but I know you are all doing fine cuz I do trust in my Lord and He has told me that you are all doing fine and being taken care of.. I love you in different ways… but all in your own ways, this love is the same love that Christ has for each one of us as his children..I love you all family I thank you for everything of which you have given to me in my life , from brothers to sister to parents, I thank you all , and I thank the dear Lord for letting me have such a great family as you all.. I wish you all the best for this week , I know whatever comes that you will all have the Lords great guidance in your lives..I thank you for everything you have done for me.. I love you all . i know the Lord is with you all . I know that this is the true church of our very king, our Lord , Our God … Amen

FROM the youngest,
Elder Clayton Reed Jessup

I will decide on the size to get you all mom... love you all , tell next week......

Letter From Mission President

Dear Brother and Sister Jessup,

Your son, Elder Jessup, has been called to serve as a trainer to Elder Crapo in the area Pompeya in the Santa Fe Norte zone. The calling of trainer is considered of great importance. He is the missionary´s first training contact. The impression and working experience given by the trainer is carried throughout the mission. The new missionary always remembers his first companion and the trainer always remembers this first trainee. This new calling reflects your son´s success and commitment to serve, lead, and teach.

You have raised 
a fine missionary in whom you can be proud. Sister Villalba and I are grateful to have you son in our mission.
Yours truly,
Jorge M. Villalba

Friday, January 2, 2009

We Must Always "Grow" Our Testimony

Hello how is everything going for you all? I must say it was good to hear your voice on christmas day. That was a pretty much all we did for christmas day. We just stayed in the apartment. Sorry that you all had to wait so long to get this email, its cuz are p day was not tell Thursday, and vences Thursday was the 1st not one caber was open, so we got permission to write to re families today.

I must say the mission is going really well , i cant believe how long its been now lol , this next week i ll be hitting a year and 3 months. It does fly by i must really say. My companion is dong really good i must say he is really excited for the work ,that he is just starting. He is the same age as me 20 and he is from Bluffdale UTAh, in the SALT lake area.. He is a big boy I am not going to lie.. quite big! I have never seen some one with such a big drive to learn a language. The poor guy does not really understand a lot of what the people are telling him. I have to translate for him , but its just a matter of time in the mission and he will start understanding more and more. So I am going to be helping him out in the language area. I remember when I was starting my mission as well...pretty crazy.

Well I must say the mission is going really good I love the area I am in there is tons of work to be done , in the barrio. We have quite a bit of investigators that we can help out in this transfer, so hopefully we can do everything for the people we have. But even in our own times in the mission or in life we must always grow our testimony as of when Nephi first got his ( …Y sucedió que yo , Nefi siendo muy joven todavía aunque grande en estatura , y teniendo grandes deseos de conocer los misterios de dios , clame por tanto al Señor , y he aquí que el me visito y enternecio mi corazon , de modo que crei todas las palabras que mi padre habia hablado , asi que no me rebele en contra de el como lo habian hecho mis hermanos…. 1Nefi 2: 16..) let us all rebuild are testimonies to help us from falling in to the temptations of the World so that we may be strong in this holy path and that we may not fall off..

I love you all tons, I thank you all for everything of which you have done . I thank you all .. Mom i have been going to the bank , put it keeps telling me that there is no Money, I wanted to ask if you have put any Money in or if you forgot to, cuz I was waiting for it but never CAME. One more thing I world like from my family is if someone can take some time and set me up another email, so that i can have a different one to give to people , when i leave the areas… pretty please can someone do that then pass me everything…. I love you all brazos y besos.

Te Amo
Elder Jessup

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Its so good to hear from you all. I am glad to see that everything is going good at home. I am glad to see that in all matters in all situations that you are all being protected from the powers from on high. I am glad to hear of everything. Its really scary but at the same time its a true blessing to have the companion of the Holy Ghost.

This past week was a good week for us , we had a baptism of a family of tour, the Vega Family.. i must say it was Such a great thing to see a family make that leap of faith, into the church. The family is a really good family, they all seem. To have a really good testimony of the church. So that was last week on Saturday night. The ward seem. To be really excited i must say to see them finally become members. So that was a huge thing to see, it was also my very frist family that we have found and baptised in my mission.

I must say though the next day was the better day when we got to confirm the family members of the church of Jesus christ of alter day saints , and give to them the holy ghost. So that was another frist for me in my mission as well .

Well family this week we have transfers coming up , so we really don't know what's going to happen both my comp and i , if we are leaving or if we are staying together, in are area. So its really all up in the air on what's going to happen were not to sure on anything, and they still have not told us , the zone leaders are playing with us….not fun…

Well the assistant just called me from the offices.. and it turns out that i am going to be TRAINING who world of thought, of all things his name is Elder Crapo i think he from Utah. Wow this is crazy i must say…..:0 yeah thats what i said..Well family how crazy is that , and my compa, is gong down to the south of the mission, Estacion is the name of the Barrio, its in the city of San Niciolas . And he is going up to comp Mayor. So its sad that we must go are ways but what can we do the lord needs us in different parts, i guess… what a sad day but yet its a exciting day as that cuz w look forward to the things that are coming up , so its what's going to happen…

Family i love you all i am going to be sending you all so photos , to see what's been gong on in the mission. I love you all and i know that you are all being protected in your lives , thank you mom for the packages that you are all sending me . and for the Money. I think i know what i am going to be getting you all …. But it also depends on how much you are all sending to.. Thank you for everything family wish me luck on the training lol….

Loving the Work
Elder Jessup

Friday, December 12, 2008

Monica's Conversion Story

This is a comment left on the blog on October 17, 2008. Below is Elder Jessup's response.

I don't know who will read this, hopefully the family of Elder Jessop. So my name is Brother Anderson, I served in the mission with Elder Jessop. Not as a companion but I met him when he got to the mission home. I had a great experience to post here.I'll try to make it brief. When my parents picked me up from the mission on May 15th 2008, we went to Santa Fe in the area of General Lopez, where I had served. I visited a convert I had grown to love named Oscar Mendoza, and his daughter Susana Mendoza, also his wife Monica. I also invited Oscar's wife to go to church because she always refused and I wanted her to go. Then last week I wanted to see if the statistics for the Argentina Rosario mission were posted. within my search I found Elder Jessop's blog with a picture of Oscar's wife Monica and daughter Ayalen getting baptized. It was one of the happiest things I've ever seen. As the whole family has accepted the gospel and continue firm.Now I do ask that whoever reads this blog could write Elder Jessop and have him tell her conversion story! I'd LOVE to hear it. to whoever reads this my email is Please write and inform me. Congratulations Elder Jessop, You've had a great mission October 17, 2008 11:04 PM


The story was that one day Monica woke up and she told us she had to go to chruch with her husband Oscar , so she went. In relief society she started to cry during the class and she told us that she truly felt that this is the true chruch. So after we heard this we started to teach her, took her to General Conference, and within a short time later she decided to be baptized in the chruch. To tell you the truth it was so amazing to see the lords hand in our lives. I went ahead and bought her a huge triple and i have talked to the Elders serving in the area. They say that she is still going strong. She was a true blesing to get to teach in the mission.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Blessed We Are

It's so good to hear from you all. This week went really good this past week on Saturday we had a baptism, and it was really exciting to see a member actually baptize him. His name is Hernan and he is 11 years old so it was quite nice. Everything is going extremely well in this new area of Pompeya in Santa Fe. This area is just full of youth that are willing to work with us and its a real nice help. Elder Craner is a true stud , my junior comp, him and I for the past 3 weeks have been able to get the standards of the mission , its quite a honor to be serving with Him in this area.

Its really sad to hear that Daryl got his car stolen, especially on Thanksgiving day of all the days. Its really sad to hear but Word of advice to Daryl is just keep your head up , and keep going strong in the ways of the Lord and the Lord will bless you in His way , maybe a better car or your same civic .. so just keep strong in the right path.
Also thanks mom for putting the Money in my account , cuz it turns out that I was just going to ask you to put some Money in for shoes, both pairs that I have left have started showing there time in the field and they are starting to get holes in them. So I am really going to use that Money on some good shoes. For the package that you would like to send to me the only thing I ask is a photos of my bike and fotos of all you all in the family , a good family foto with all the babies , and the last thing would be a good all around cook book, of foods to deserts etc… that's really all I think I would need for Christmas.. its quite different how the whole mind set changes in the mission and you come to realize how blessed we are in our very own lives in so many ways. I have come to realize how great of a family that I really have, and it truly is the thing I am most grateful for I really must say.. so really don't worry about sending me to much staff, maybe letters from the family would be another cool idea to put in the box as well , maybe even members from the ward, if there is any one who remembers me lol … the family is my top priority I must say. And photos I would love, cuz really that's what more people ask to see in the mission. So i really think that is all I am really going to need for the holidays this year..

But I must say family that everything is going quite well in the mission , in about two more weeks we have a baptism of a family of 4, its the family Vega. They have been listing to the missionaries for a while now and they just have been waiting on wedding papers to get baptised , so they CAME in and now they are getting baptised in the church , they are pretty much mormons with out the waters of baptism lol ….:)

I love you all , I have a question for you all for the call of Christmas , when would you all want me to call in the morning or afternoon , so we can know what time to call you all at home or you call us … so just so we can plan around it …

So i hope everything keeps going good for you all , there is no need to worry if i am getting food or not, cuz we eat with the members about 5 times of the week so its really nice. I just hope I don't gain weight in the mission. Its my only fear lol , but everyone is telling me i lost some weight cuz I look skinner … and with the heat coming its not going to help any lol.. it was very interesting this past week we had a lot of rain in Santa Fe, so we had a rainy week lol … there is one more thing i want to ask mom its about my debt card so do we know whats going to happen when it expires, in Feb… ¿ am i going to need to send you mine or anything weird like that… so if you can find out information on that it would be a good help..

Other then that I am sending you all some photos i hope you all enjoy them..Tell next week and thank you for everything family i love you all …

Serving the LordE. Jessup

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Have Not Heard from You All Back Home

Family ,

How are you all? I am really worried about them cuz i have not heard from any of you all for quite sometime, just i really don't know what to think of whats going on back home. Cause it has been a total of two good weeks that i have not heard from you all back home, i am really lost on whats going on back home, with everyone.. so i pray to the lord almighty that you all are alright. Well i truly hope you are alright, cuz now i am in a new area, I am back in the zone of Santa Fe Norte. But this time I am not in the area of General Lopez i am in the area of Pompeya , which i am not going to lie is a really nice area, I have a feeling that I am really going to like it in this area. The barrio is full of young kids , from the ages of 12- 19 it is just full of jovens. Which for me is a first in the misión i have never seen so many kids that go out and help us in the work, they want to help us teach the lessons with the investigadores, which i must say is utterly amazing. So its really a great area i must say.

I have a new compa, his name is Elder Craner, he is from Idaho , from Rex burg , from where BYU is at. I must say he is a really good elder, he has about 10 months in the misión. He started his misión in the same place where i started my misión , in Federal, in Entre Rios… so its really cool he was my replacement when i left that area in Entre rios.. so its pretty sweet i can talk to him about the old area and everything… he is the secound oldest in his family he has a brother and sister that follow him .

Well family i really don't know what to think cuz i have not HEARD anything from any one in the family, Mom ,Dad , Chon , Cliff, Deb, Daryl , etc… i really don't know whats going on in the house or any of your lives , and to tell you the truth i am really really sad , i must say for a misiónary , not to have email is quite depressing , and i am worried for you all as my parents , brothers, sister , family, i have no idea for anything…. I kinda wish i had something to work off of… I really don't know what to say other then that i am just worried for you all.. Cuz last week i sent Mom a letter to her email account which is the mac and it showed to me that it did not send. So then i sent the letter to her work email, and it showed that it sent. But i go today to my email, and now it shows that no one sent anything back.. So i am really worried that i can't get any of your emails or that i can't get any of yours.. I am going to keep you all really deep down in my prayers cuz i am truly worried for you all.

Family i love you all, to the souls of my Heart. I pray that everything is going good for you . I don't want you all to worry for me cuz i am doing really good hear in argentina, i am in the lords hand and i have been protected and i know He will keep protecting me in this work of his, to preach his great and holy Word to his children her in Pompeya… i love you all , i would love to hear from any one of you …. I love you all thank you for you support…….

Love ,
From your lil son and lil brother..
Keeping strong to our Faith
Elder Jessup

Monday, November 3, 2008

Si Se Vale la Pena


Its so good to hear from you I must truly say. I felt really good to hear from you all this week I dont know why but it did. I must tell you this week was really good for us we have a investigator who we have been preparing for his baptism, and another one in the district, from the other set of elders in Villa Diego. So in this coming week we have two baptism coming up, I am really excited in every way for the district and for my own personal self as well. I must say it sounds like you all were quite busy this week but when are you all not busy, I dont think I would like parents who sit still.. But I must have to agree with dad on preparing the food, if it does bring more people to church it is well worth it… In Spanish there is a frase for that "si se vale la pena"… I think in that why it totally does.. I must say any church activity is a huge weapon for the missionaries, but it just hurts the missionaries if a ward does not do activities. It just stops the work, in a way… the best advice I can give you all coming from the missionary field is try to have the most activities that you can within the week and the month.. it is a huge tool for the work of the Lord…I must say that is where I wish the barrio I am in could be doing better in. Cause it would help us out a lot , so that is the best advise I could give you all as Readers of this letter in El paso.

It sounds like you all had a good Halloween , which is really cool, we wanted to buy some watermelon ,but when we went to go buy they ran out so it was pretty sad, so we just stayed working in the Lords way….Its so crazy that we got a new dog in the house, its crazy and exciting at the same time… I hope to see him when I get home . I can have a new pal when I get there,( wow Jessup dont get trunky now still long ways a way.. ) To tell you the truth the transfer has flown buy at a very unreal Speed that is just way to Fast. To tell you the truth it's kinda scared to see how Fast the next part of my mission goes… i know I have to work hard and just enjoy it cuz it really is the Only time in my life that i will have such a honor to serve the Lord in the way i am doing..


Ahora pues , a causa del convenio que habeis hecho ,sereis llamados progenie de cristo, hijos e hijas de el porque he aquí , hoy el os ha engendrado espiritualmente , pues decis que vuestros corazones han cambiado por medio de la fe en su nombre, por tanto habeis nacido de el y habeis llegado a ser sus hijos y sus hijas….. Mosiah 5: 7

I know that we all can remember that great and wonderful day of our baptism, on how wonderful it was… and tell you all that we can still feel that great and wonderful joy of the lord each and every week as we partake of the santa cena…i know this is the way the Lord wants us to remember him each and every day as we go through our life..I thank you all, mom go ahead and thank Lope for me , i really appreciate it and I thank her for the donation to my great mission..

I thank all of my family for everything even down to the love of which you all show me as well …. Next week I will be writing on Tuesday cuz it will be transfers, so I'll tell you all if i am leaving or not, I'll have the news by then.. i love you all thank you again..

I know this is the church of the lord and that he loves us , that he gave us the great book of mormon to help us out in are lives for this very time in need… i love this very work and thank you again… tell next P,DAY FAMILY THANK YOU

The Little One
Elder Jessup

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Firsts


Well i am really shocked to say cuz i sent you all a letter last week , and i even looked and it said it sent. So i am really stunned about that, cuz last week i didi not hear from you all at home i did not get a letter , so something is up… i dont know what but there is something?

Well this week went really good i must say , this week we had Zone Conference , and we had the Elder Zivic from the area presentencia talk to us and his wife, WOOOOOW i must say it was Amazing it was unreal. .. So that really stared to pump us up again for the holy Work of the Lord. I must say we have one investigator who is really good and he is Amazing, he is fighting to quite smoking , and drinking , but he is programed to be baptised this week , but if he falls short he will come into the water on the 08 of November. But i must say he really is a great person who deep in side of him he is trying to change , he is tired of doing bad things and just wants to be in the lords path. .. Also this week was another first for me , in two ways 1. i had my very frist intervista baptismal, 2. i had to direct my very first baptism. So i must say i was scared for thoses things but i felt the overwhelming peace of the spirit take it over, it was one of those experiences you just dont forget.

This week you dont need to worry for transfers , cuz they are on the 11-12 of the next month , which is not to fare i must say. I must say the time is truly flying by, i have no idea if its just cuz i moved up , or if it really is going by super fast. But i must say you come to realize a lot of f the staff that you have learned in the mission, and its truly Amazing, it just seems like yesterday i reported into the MTC… Tell that one kid to star Redding his Preach my Gospel, that book will truly help him start getting in the mind set of he missionary.. tell him to learn to love ove Th. e Book Of Mormon , as well and to start building his testimony Strong on that. Two things that i would tell anyone to start doing would be those 2….

Family i must say i am sorry for all the pain that i ever did cause anyone of you all it was all not for a purpose, i was just young and Dumb, i thought i had know everything in life but , in all truth i knew nothing.. its just something i felt i needed to ay to you all ..

So family i am sorry you all did not get the letter of last week , but i really hope you all get this one this week. I really do…..

I wish I could personally thank you all in person , for the great support that you all give me, but i guess i am going to have to wait tell the end of my mission for that. So tell then i will keep writing thank-you each and every week. I truly love you all … and this great restored gospel of which we all share in common , for this is the gospel of Jesus Christ, i know that he and his father did appear to Joseph Smith , to answer his simple question, i know for this simple question of a young boy , we have this gospel , OOOO HOW THANKFUL AM I THAT JOSEPH Smith , showed his faith to the lord that one great and holy day…. Amen … i love you all … tell next week.

Serving The Lord

Elder Jessup

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fruits of our Labor


Hello family how is everything going, I am glad to her that you had a good week. It sounded a lil bit stressful,which I am really sorry. , but I know that the Lord is with us and He will help the family out in these times. To tell you the truth this week was a week we got to see the fruits of our labor in the Lord's work, on my mission. This week we had a baptism, a 22 year old named Angel Coitiñho who I truly must say was really excited about his baptism. So it was a great week I must say. We had a baptism and the new convert was really excited about his baptism! Thanks mom for putting money in my account , its really going to help me out. But still everything is still going good for my comp. and I. We are really both stoked to do this great latter day work for the Lord. I truly have grown so much in this little time that I have been a district leader, the Lord is just blessing me with strength and knowledge I have be learning so much each and every day of the mission . I must say that it truly feels like I have been born again in the mission. The Lord has blessed me as a leader. It is a true blessing to be serving the Lord in this great work. I am really going to keep you all in my prayers in these next couple of days. I know that life is going in a rough manner, but I know that the Lord is always willing to bless us as long as we are following the commandments that He has given to us. So keep strong in these times of hardship. For the Lord will help us out. In the mission when I first heard that I was going up in the mission field I was extremely scared, but I said a prayer to the Lord and thanked Him , and I knew that He wants me in this spot, and that He is going to help me every step of the way. So family I am sure of one thing, I think all of us have learned as a family that the Lord will bless us as a family together. For the Lord does give us families to help us grow and become stronger , from our weakness He forces us to become strong in these times. So I know that we are all here to have this great honor and thank you for being my beloved family. So keep being the examples for me in my life I have learned so much from all of you in these days and in my days at home. I truly love all of you in every manner. I truly thank the Lord from my knees to have you all as my beloved family.Family I thank you for all your support, and examples. I love you all , and if there is anything of which you all need don’t ever be to shy to ask me. I am always more then willing to help you all out in what ever manner you all see fit. THANK YOU. Lol Don’t ever worry about me in this work , for I am with the Lord I do recive his great protection in these great days. He does grant me His kindness ,His love ,His spirit, and His guidnece . For He helps me in every way I know, it truly is the greatest blessing to be in this great work of His. So family we have a new starting point right now in this area. We are having to start looking for new people each and everyday , but I do tell you one thing is that we have recived some blessings and it is always a great time to go and teach them. The lord has given us some people to teach, in this coming week i'll tell you how it goes, but as for now I am really short on time. So i'll be ending it here… thank you for everything, I love you all , may the Lord be with you all day to day…. I ll talk to you next p- day…

Serving the Lord
Elder Jessup…